Invitation to Bidders

No.Tender NoS.Closing Date Opening DateDescription
1MCF/29/202430/7/202430/7/2024Laboratory Sieve suitable for Retsch as 200 jet sieve machine.    
2MCF/27/202430/7/202430/7/2024Different types of Electrical motor
3MCF/28/202430/7/20430/7/2024Lane Position Transducer and Kiln Guidance Hydraulic Cylinder position Sensor.
4ሙሲፋ/83/201623/11/201623/11/2016Different Type of Oil Seals
5ሙሲፋ/84/201623/11/201623/11/2016Different Normal Plate I-Beams,U-Channels and Angle Irons
6ሙሲፋ/2Re-19/201630/11/202630/11/2016Vehicles Battery Charger
7MCF/RE-16/20246/8/20246/8/2024Groove Crane Machine Spare Part & Groove Crane Tires.
8 MCF/30/20246/8/20246/8/2024Titon Drill 500 & Sandvic Drill D 1500 Spare parts.
9ሙሲፋ/87/20167/12/20167/12/201630,000 ቶን Bolder Gypsum
10MCF/Re-06/202420/8/202420/8/2024Forty Tons Analog Load Cell.


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